One Day Property Event in London - Saturday 28th April 9am-5:30pm
The Property Flipping Phenomenon 
"How You Can Build an Instantly Profitable Property Business Without Any Debt, Credit or Experience"
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Letter From Tom Wade
Expert in flipping properties within the UK, has helped hundreds of clients to achieve freedom, leave their 9-5's and flip property remotely.
Back in 2013, I made the decision to invest in a training programme from a big-named American property guru.

It was a lot of money.

At the time, I worked a 9-5 at a popular health chain and I was being paid £12,000 per year, working full-time.

It was a significant decision – one that I didn’t share with my parents or friends.

But five years on and it’s been the best decision that I’ve ever made. 

I’ve consistently made a profit of over £100,000 per year, I’ve been able to travel and visit some of the most beautiful places on the planet and I now run a highly profitable business that I can run with just an internet connection and a phone. 

I don’t say this to boast, but to share what is possible with this business model that I discovered. 

The business model is called “Property Flipping” and it’s very simple. 

     1. Through marketing techniques, you find a homeowner that is looking to sell             their property quickly below market value

     2. You agree a fee with the homeowner to buy their property

     3. You then “sell” the deal to eager investors for a higher fee than you’ve agreed

     4. You make the margin in the middle 

You never have to invest any cash, you never take any risk and you don’t have to go into any debt. 

You simply have to do the right marketing to attract eager-to-sell homeowners, you make an agreement with them via email or on the phone and you then present your offer to investor groups. 

It’s very simple, but there’s a technique to it. 

You have to ensure you’re running the right marketing strategies to attract homeowners, you have to know what to say in order to agree a deal, you have to have the right paperwork for the homeowner and you have to know how to get your deal in front of investors. 

On Saturday 28th April in Central London, I’m going to share every step of the process in advanced detail over a full day. 

What I'll Be Sharing At This Unique Event
How To Attract Eager-To-Sell Homeowners
  • The most cost-effective marketing strategies for attracting hot leads (follow this blueprint to attract leads with ease)
  • How to find data lists of people in the position to sell and send them effective direct mail that generates enquiries
  • The Facebook advertising strategy for attracting leads through a “seller funnel” and how you can set this up in less than twenty minutes
How To Create Your Ultimate Game Plan And Join The New Rich
  • Discover what every new and experienced investor must have to set the proper foundation for future explosive growth
  • How to work out exactly what you need to make per month to live the life of your dreams... Its not as much as you think. 
  • How to set outcomes instead of goals.. I learned this from a Multi-Millionaire and let me tell you.. It works a LOT better! 
  • And more....
How To Apply These Unique Strategies Without Risking Any Of Your Own Money Or Credit
  • How you can use the "for rent method" to make an extra £5,000 - £12,000 per month
  • How you can help sellers that don't have any equity in their house.. 500,000 + need your help.. Use this strategy and be a pillar in the community.. but also become rich at the same time.. 
  • How you can package up "double dip deals", get paid twice as much per lease option deal
  • How you can flip BMV deals and make £5,000 - £15,000 per deal How you can use the "assisted sale"method correctly.. The benefits are insanely good. 
  • How to make 3k-5k per month from "other" people deals, no marketing expense whatsoever.
  • How to make a six figure income packaging only 2 deals per month, it's very, very simple and I show you exactly what steps to take.
  • How to use the lease option correctly..., I assure you know one else is teaching this.
The Online Marketing Funnel Revolution

Online marketing funnels are now the core of all the marketing that we run, they allow us to track with accuracy, constantly split-test and drive a flood of hot sellers to our business.

I’ll be sharing what I’ve learnt, the “back door” style funnel that is crushing it and I’ll walk you through every step (which you can follow along with it and set up from your laptop)

This will be a big session!

Only 200 Seats Available
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Event Details
Location: Hilton London Metropole Hotel
Located in: Paddington
Address: 225 Edgware Rd, London W2 1JU

Registration Opens at 8am - Training Starts at 9am-7pm
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